Meet Meklit

Meklit loves living her imagination and aspires to see them materialize by adding value to the lives of the people around her.

Her inspiration originates from the desire to do better than what already exists. She aspires to impact people’s lifestyles through creative solutions.

Her courage emanates from making a difference through endlessly pursuing her passion and goals.

She is driven by her willingness and commitment to independent thinking and self- expression for harnessing creative energy.

With her brand, Meklit brings her immense talent and experience in photography and creative arts to curate prints that narrate history, inspire, uplift, and stand out.


Established in 2018, Meklit.Me is an extension of founder and visual artist Meklit Mersha’s creative journey to convey the stories of cultural Ethiopia through visual arts. highlights Ethiopian Aesthetics through premium prints presented in the form of fabrics, clothing, and home décor as well as gift items.

In the past year, our brand has received global recognition from vast numbers of Ethiopians and lovers of Ethiopia; gaining mega followers on social media; a love also expressed through orders of our products globally.

Founder Meklit who puts her heart and soul into her creation believes that there is a grand opportunity in fusing Ethiopian art into the global fashion and lifestyle industry.

With this international ideology and Ethiopian origin enshrined in the premium prints, Meklit.Me has the mission to connect the rest of the world to Ethiopia’s long-standing yet evolving traditions.

Not just a group of talented and creative young people; Meklit Me is a family of fun and passionate employees with a shared vision of adding value to the essence of people’s lifestyles, through a combined effort of reflecting Ethiopia’s culture and history, with the highest quality.

With knowledge and experience in their respective departments, the team functions and delivers with ambition, love and crafting a better world at our heart and minds.

We are very proud of how everyone in our team continues to evolve into creative professionals with a mindset to serve the demand globally.

We believe in what we do with love, with our one team attitude and commitment. These are what make our brand a continuous success.

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