Meet Meklit

With a background in Sociology, Meklit pursued a journey that she felt was more of her calling; the visual arts. Meklit’s sharp eye for creativity brought her to a dimension that allowed her to express herself through photography and graphic design. She was able to travel and capture the diverse and colorful nature of Ethiopia by working as a freelance photographer for local and international companies. Her entrepreneurial skills were also enhanced as she was able to merge her creativity with marketing and advertising jobs for years.

Most importantly, encounters with big names in the Ethiopian fashion industry and a growing desire to share her skill with a larger audience also inspired her to expand her creative horizon by starting her own magazine- AFRO DESIGN; a stepping stone for the foundation of Ethiopian Aesthetics and mainly the Meklit.Me brand.

With her brand, Meklit brings her talent and experience in the creative arts to produce and curate products that narrate Ethiopian culture and history, that inspire and uplift generations to stand out.

Meklit loves living her imagination and aspires to see them materialize by adding value to the lives of those who come across her works. Her inspiration originates from the desire to do better than what already exists. She aspires to impact people’s lifestyles through creative solutions. Her courage emanates from making a difference through endlessly pursuing her passion and goals.


Established in 2018, Meklit.Me is an extension of the founder’s journey to convey sociocultural stories of Ethiopia through lifestyle merchandise ranging from apparel to leather products and various innovative artifacts.

Meklit.Me aims to connect Ethiopia’s long-standing yet evolving traditions to the global lifestyle industry.

Not just a group of talented people; Meklit.Me is a family of fun, passionate 30+ permanent and contractual employees working at the retail store, workshop, and office located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Meklit believes in people, culture, progress, renewal, and flexibility while committing to continual growth by working with driven employees dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs.

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